What is CelebrateMercy?

CelebrateMercy is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that teaches about the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ’s life and character – to Muslims and the general public. We do this through short films, online campaigns, traveling conferences, and webinars that feature world-renowned speakers and scholars on Islam.

In 10 years, CelebrateMercy has: 

  • • Reached 300 million people through national media coverage
  • • Held 25 events for 200,000 participants in 115 countries
  • • Produced 200+ videos with 7 million views on YouTube & Facebook
  • • Generated social media posts leading to 700,000 subscribers


In 2017, we launched a campaign to mobilize Muslims to repair vandalized Jewish cemeteries and synagogues, raising over $160,000. News of this campaign reached millions through outlets like CNNThe New York Times and tweets by celebrities like  Ellen Degeneres. See our CNN interview below:

Our short films on the Prophet’s life feature cinematic Seerah re-enactments and 20 speakers including Yusuf Islam, Imam Zaid Shakir, and Dalia Mogahed; view one of our past trailers here.

Since 2019, we hosted 11 traveling conferences nationwide, reaching thousands in multiple states – including 200 people that we helped with financial aid scholarships. Our recent Prophet-inspired campaigns mobilized Muslims to help families of the shooting victims at the Pittsburgh synagogue and the New Zealand mosques. Both campaigns combined raised over $2 million USD.

All donations are tax-deductible (Tax ID: 27-4171311).