Each morning, we will host a 20-minute recitation of Sura Ya-Sin followed by 25 minutes of dhikr and duas.

Every afternoon, one-thirtieth (Juz) of the Quran will be recited followed by reflections on the chapter

Every night, one-thirtieth (Juz) of the Quran will be recited followed by a short summary. Instructors will lead a discussion and Q&A with the audience about specific themes and passages. Audience members will have the chance to share their reflections.

Join Ustadh Mahdy Amine and Shaykha Ieasha Prime for an exclusive program calling your children closer to Prophet Muhammad ﷺ this Ramadan, in shaa Allah. This engaging series is full of practical, encouraging, and relatable activities guided by qualified scholars. Each session will also include many interactive elements like contests, trivia questions, and songs/dhikr/poetry.

Kids will explore why the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was described as the Walking Quran by focusing on these and other guiding questions:

This kids series is recommended for children ages 6-11 years old and is completely free although donations are welcome to help cover program costs.

The Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said:

“Dua is the essence of worship.”

What can we learn from how the Prophet ﷺ called upon his Lord? This 30-minute series – The Art of Asking Allah taught by Shaykh Yasir Fahmy – will help us improve how we call upon Allah in dua. In the final 10 minutes of each session, he will lead the audience in a beautiful group dua in Arabic and English; he will also include dua requests from the audience during this portion.

Join Shaykh Yasir Fahmy in his live series of encouraging reminders and community connections three nights a week.